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Amaia Skies Cubao First Rate Amenities at the Deck

Inspired by the graceful and sinuous rhythm of the water, The Deck is conceived and designed to offer maximum experiential values for you and your friends. Revel in the irresistible waters of the pool, enveloped by a garden of evolutionary creativity or party at the multi-function hall of urban thought.

Amaia Skies Cubao Indulge at the Stores

Head down to the ground floor retail area aptly called, STORES, an area that is skilfully designed to invoke the sensibilities of today's cosmopolitan consumer.

Development Features

  • Convenience Retail Units (Including a supermarket) at the Ground Floor
  • Compliant Provision for Water Supply, Drainage, and Electric Power Supply
  • Main Lobby with individual mailboxes
  • Three (3) Elevator Units per Tower
  • Fire Protection / Fire Alarm
  • Partial Emergency Power for common areas and units
  • Garbage collection area per floor
  • Multi-purpose Rooms
  • Swimming Pool and Deck
  • Children's Play Area
  • Landscape Areas
  • Jogging Path
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The inspiration behind Amaia Skies Cubao is the sinuous and graceful rhythm of water. The conception and design of the deck is such that it offers the maximum possible experiential values not just for you, but also for your friends. The irresistible clear waters that fill the pools create a party atmosphere.

Among the notable amenities that make Amaia Skies Cubao standout include:

Ground Floor Retail Area

Dubbed the STORES, the retail area has been skillfully designed by Amaia Land architects. It invokes the sensibilities of the 21st century cosmopolitan consumer. At the STORES, you can get virtually everything you need for your day-to-day living from personal effects to durables and even clothes. While the property is located at the heart of the commercial center, you don’t have to be getting out always. Just get down to the supermarket at the retail area and pick whatever it is you want from there.

Excellent Utilities

Water supply is usually a problem in many developments for a number of reasons including the distribution network and piping as well as the huge demand due to the rising population. Amaia Land have been developing these units long enough to know that they need adequate water supplies, drainage facilities and uninterrupted power supply. The property gives you this and more.

Three Elevator Units for Each Tower

Moving up and down the 35-story towers is not an activity you may want to do each and every day. However, with three elevators per tower, you can move up and down with a lot of ease. The elevators are managed professionally and serviced all the time.

Multipurpose Rooms

If you have meetings or you want some recreational space, the multipurpose rooms were constructed just for that. When you are a resident here, you have express permission to use the rooms.

Swimming Pool and Deck

Picture yourself having a swim on a warm summer afternoon at the Amaia Skies Cubao clear pools. The swimming pools were designed with the end user in mind. They cater for the family and they have both the shallow end and the deeper end. You can teach your children how to swim right here.

Children Play Area

Children are very active and always want spaces where they can play with other children as they run up and down. Amaia Land never denied them that space. They designed expansive children play area where they installed swings, kids’ slides, seesaws, and so many other features.

Landscape Areas

Enjoy the tranquility and harmony of the landscaped areas at Amaia Skies Cubao. The areas are done so nicely that they look picturesque. As you admire the areas and the spaces between them, you can be jogging around. The property has a defined jogging path specifically made to encourage active lifestyles.

In addition to the above amenities, there are fire protection facilities, individual mail boxes, and garbage collection points in every area of the floors.

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